Erina Aysu


Name: Erina Aysu
Race: Human/Moon
Age: Unknown
Planet: Earth
Ground: Earth/Water
Protectors: Tiger/Eagles/Wolves

Looking down to the earth, seeing the people’s intention to the girl, the moon sent the said Children of the Night to create a perimeter between her daughter and the men. Then, while the wolves would make sure no harm would come to that child, the Moon called to a meeting the Sea and the Earth.

At the end of the meeting, the decision was that both, the Sea and the Earth, would make a safe ground to that girl.

The Sea gave to her as gift the ability to suffer no harm when underwater. The Earth, in the other hand, put a mark on her body, to no natural creature would hunt her without a reason.

In the end, the Moon herself called her Erina Aysu, giving her as escorts the Children of the Night, making sure that if any haunt happens, it would become a hard task to fulfill.

Erina, as the men would call her, grew up into a beautiful woman.

Choosing to find peace underwater and while in dry land escorted by distance by the Children of the night, she lived trying to find a reason for her existence. Showing the kindness and the beauty that the nature itself would be represented in her .

Style Card

Hair: Rezology Silk and Satin (mesh hair)

Dress: Gypsy Wolf – Princess Fallon Gown Purple

Necklace: Perles Tragique Necklace by Dahllywood @Genre Belle Epoque

Pet: Jinx  Liger “Joony” – Standing Wearable – RARE @Fair Play 2016

Accessories: 1- Jinx : Glynnii Horns – La fleur bleue speciale

2 –**TNN**Fin ear  ornament ~Flowering(White)


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