I believe in angels


I believe in angels,

They don’t have to speak to be heard, be visible to be seen or be present to be felt..believe in angels and they will always be near..

Dear angels,

Please shine your divine healing light and wrap your comforting wings around all who are in need  of a loving hug today and the person who reading this post right now. 🙂


Style Card

Hair: *barberyumyum*73CB (blonde)

Dress: Entice – Rose Gown – pink @Genre  Belle Opaque April 2016

Ears: The Little Bats -Dragon Elven Ears @Dangarnon FF2016

Necklace: The Little Bats – Dragon Lariat Necklace @Dangarnon FF2016

Wings: Faeline Fairy– Ayano (rose) @Serenity FF2016

Accessories: *Cygnet’s*- Pearl Purple cheek pieces @The Golden Delta FF2016

Take Care..




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