The Last Moon Princess



Tells a legend that a woman conjured the Moon until down. Weeping she begged that when the light of the sun surpassed the darkness of that night she would marry a man.

“You’ll have your man, tawny skin.” From the high sky spoke the Moon. “But in return I want the first child that you’ll have with him.”

To avoid the loneliness disgrace, such price was easy for her to accept.

From a cinnamon’s father a girl was born, white as the winter coat of a stoat. with brown eyes instead of olive, the earth met the albino Moon’s child.

“Such terrifying stamp!!!” This child was not seen as natural and because of that was not accepted.

Believing to be dishonored the man went to his wife, knife in hand… “Whose child is this? You’ve betrayed me!” And wounded her to death.

Then he went to the mountain with the child in his arms and left her there. Looking at the sky, in angry he spoke: “Tell me, silver moon, what you intend to do
With a child of flesh?”

Is it said that the nights when the moon is full, is because the girl is happy, and good.


And if the daughter cries, the moon will wane to make her a cradle.



Beauty and power, all that everyone desires but cannot reach became hers. Cared by the supernatural being a supernatural among men she lived, for ages and ages without grow old, making her own path and living as she desires with the gifts her mother, the Moon, gave to her.

To be Continued…


Style Card pic 1

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Thyra Mesh Hair @The Golden Delta Fantasy Faire 2016

Dress: .:Senzafine:. “Isilme” Gown -Twilight Sky @Blackmoor Fantasy Faire 2016

Crown: mangomoon Ophelia Crown ALL @Blackmoor Fantasy Faire 2016

Accessories: {Rising Moon} halo silver .::Cubic Cherry ::. @Breeze Fantasy Faire 2016


Style Card pic 2

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kai Mesh Hair @The Golden Delta Fantasy Faire 2016

Dress: Anachron – Glorianna Gown – Maitreya Lara – Imperial @Dangarnon Fantasy Faire 2016

Headpiece: Belle Epoque { Prue } Headpiece @Breeze Fantasy Faire 2016

Earrings: OXIDE Bonney Triangle Earring @Dangarnon Fantasy Faire 2016

Accessories: {Rising Moon} halo silver .::Cubic Cherry ::. @Breeze Fantasy Faire 2016

Pose: Jinx : Love me Deer – Pose 2 – Give to another

Location: Otherworld by Elicio Ember.


HD Pictures

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

Visit: Fantasy Faire 2016 Official site

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