closet160 #I’m Marching in black


March is my birth month. I am so grateful for all who perfected and of course for the both worlds I have. There are millions of memories and experiences which made me feel like Yes! I have grown up. Well I can’t do everything but pray to live fullest and do what I dreamed of and by which I can serve this society to grow. For everyone birthday is special, they may get surprises, gifts and blessings. But on top of that what matters a lot is ‘Happiness’. Stay happy and don’t let the smile taken away from you any moment of life. .Life isn’t all perfect but it is beautiful and worth celebrating for. To whoever reading this and you bump into my blog, A happy birthday to you!Celebrate life,Celebrate YOU! 🙂 Go forward forward forward..march march march..never say never and no give up to get the success in your life. After all, God is always there for u. be blessed!

Styling Card

Hair: little bones. Glass Leaf (FREE GIFT)

Dress: Izzie’s Style *Strapless Leather Dress BlackS (Thank you Izzie for sponsoring me)

Accesories : [sYs] AXIOM necklace & bracelet

Shoes: [sYs] ZORI TABI rigged mesh shoes

Earrings: MIEL UVA SET – Group Gift

Eyebrow: **Irresistible Look Eyelashes**-Crissy Designs


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