Style yourself

Styling is an integral part of that presentation, and refers to the way that we wear the clothing, as well as the accessories, hair, skins etc that we choose to wear with the clothing.

In SL as in RL clothing generally hangs better on models who are thin with long graceful arms and legs.

On the runway you will appear shorter than your actual height to audiences who are generally seated lower than the runway.  This is why successful RL and SL runway models are generally quite tall.
Unless you are requested to do otherwise by a designer, the tall and thin look is the look that is most likely to result in you being hired for a modeling position.
So as a good model, you must and should  always be prepared to edit at least one of your shapes
to achieve a long and lean look.

Styling also refers to the skin and accessories that you wear.
First is skin. A skin that has a neutral makeup  is generally the better look to go with in modeling,
unless you have chosen the skin to compliment a particular outfit.

The reason for this is because brighter shades of lipstick and eyeshadows can clash with or
draw attention away from the clothing.  Always wear a face light, but not a really bright one, and prim eyelashes for the ladies.
But during the runaway and shows, do not use a face light since it can increase the level of lagginess.
There are lots of skin stores on SL that sell a very good items.

The same is true of hair and accessories. you must have the ability to edit your hair nicely.
Do not let your hair exceeding and cover your ears or make your hair size very small until it shows your bald head. Edit edit edit! that is very important and you have to be smart in playing with the hairsizes. Hair choosing is depending on your outfit too.

If you are wearing dresses and formal attire,
for women choose the hair with updo style to make you look neat and make every details of your dressesto be notified.

while for men, the clean and neat look with your formal outfits will always go by choosing
a short hair.

For casual, hair choosing for men and women is depends on your outfit.whether it is long, short, medium half long and so on all are available. You must always be ready with an options in your inventory and choose a hair that suit with the theme. It is also very important to choose the colour of  the hair that match your outfit as well.
For accessories like jewelry, glasses, hats, nails and etc. These items are important to add
value in your styling. Just remember to edit and fit it on your body to make it look natural.
Make sure that you style for each outfit that you will wear, always thinking about what will make the clothing appear more ‘buyable’ to the audience.and Also remember to do a really thorough job of editing accessories and outfit prims.
Ensure that the outfit fits you as well as possible, and again I remind you to look at
the accessories so it will not stuck in your skin and that your hair has no bald spots.
Your goal should be to encourage the audience members to want to TP to the designers
shop immediately after the show to see more and to buy!

Go shopping if you need to! Remember that the more product that the designer sells after a show the more incentive there is for that designer to pay for future fashion shows.   That means that there will be more potential opportunities for you to achieve work as a model!
Often times other designers and model scouts for other agencies are sitting in the audience of some of these shows evaluating the modeling talent.   This is another reason for you to always do your best to try to impress the audience. So good styling is part of good business ethics, part of your responsibility to fulfill your part of the modeling business contract.

Great runway skill and technique is also part of that responsibility. This includes choosing appropriate runway walks and poses, something that you will learn more about during our next class. How you look and perform on the runway will be very important to the overall success of you modeling career.
Professional modeling business ethics also refer to the way that you behave in the professional setting. A good attitude goes a long way, as does timeliness.  Designers are not impressed by anyone with a diva attitude.

When in a show you are part of a team and are expected to behave that way;
the flow of the entire show depends on it.  Designers also do not want to be waiting for anyone to show up.  In SL, just as in RL, time is money! Always remember that it is the designers who pay for the shows and don’t argue with them.  If you have a legitimate question to ask do so in a respectful manner.

Also, don’t always expect to be cast in shows featuring prestigious designers or
wearing outfits that match your personal taste.  There are many kinds of fashions in SL
from basic designs to haute couture, from traditional clothing to role play clothing.
Be prepared to change your look to accommodate the style of the designers outfits.
Your ability to network and market yourselves, your knowledge and up to date info about the industry, and your sense of good fashion will help to take you a long ways in SL modeling.
So constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities.


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